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Wooden garage doors give your home a timeless, natural look at an affordable price. Our wood garage doors are made from a variety of woods and come in a range of sizes to accommodate all residential and commercial uses.

A+ Garage Doors is Northern Utah’s premier garage door company.  We offer all the materials and designs you need to repair, replace, and customize the exterior of your home.  Our quality garage doors and panels are backed by a 100% lifetime labor and parts warranty.  Call A+ Garage Doors to upgrade your garage door and improve the look of your home today.

Common Wooden Garage Door Questions

Do wood garage doors weigh more than steel?

A: It is in fact true that most wood garage doors do weigh more than steel ones of comparable size.  However, this is no concern to any home owner when they buy from A Plus Garage Doors. We are confident our quality doors and advanced opener systems will be able to handle any home.

How do wood garage door prices compare to steel?

A: The main benefit to having a wood garage door instead of a steel one is because it is made from all natural materials and they have that unforgettable stained, polished look to them. The prices will vary from home to home, but generally pure wood garage doors do cost a little more because they can be custom made and are created using premium materials. The extra cost of the doors can be easily recuperated through the curb appeal they have when it comes time to sell.

Will the wood garage door wear down easier?

A: To keep your wooden garage door looking sharp, it will need to be refinished from time to time. This ensures that the wood does not dry out too quickly. Generally, wood garage doors are stronger than steel because they do not bend or dent easily.

Does my home architecture complement a wood garage door?

A: At A Plus Garage Doors, we believe that we can find a wood garage door to fit any type of home architecture. We find that wooden garage doors really do fit almost any home because they tend to blend in easily. But, if we had to recommend one, wood garage doors typically fit in best with homes that have a more traditional feel.

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