Your garage is truly one of the most underappreciated, and underutilized, rooms in your home. It does a great job of protecting your car at night, and maybe you have a toolbox shoved into one corner, collecting dust. It’s probably time to diversify how you use your garage, and start using all of that unappreciated space in a more productive way.

Gardening station


Do you have a green thumb? Or maybe you wish you had a green thumb? If you have a corner of your garage that isn’t being used, you can add a small gardening station to make your garage multi-functional. Install a shelf for gardening tools and extra seeds, bins for holding fertilizer, and maybe a peg board to make organization a bit easier.


Hide your utilities


A lot of your utilities take up a lot of space within your home, like your water heater or washing machine. Clear some space against a wall in your garage, and move these utilities out to your garage. You weren’t using this space in your garage anyway, and now you have more space inside the interior of your home to use, which is probably space you need and have a few ideas of what you could do with it.


Add living space above it


If you have the space, you may consider adding a living unit above your garage. This unused space is absolutely tapped with potential, as you could have a child or relative move into this space, or even rent it out for a little bit extra monthly income. Meet with an architect to make sure that it is plausible, as well as make sure that it has a similar roofline and doesn’t take over the silhouette of your home. A few tips to make the most out of this project:

-Insulate the floor of this new living space. This will keep it from getting incredibly cold during the winter, and incredibly hot in the summer months.

-Design and landscape the entryway leading up to the door to this living space to be welcoming and inviting, instead of making it look like it may be a utility door.