Halloween is just around the corner, and planning your ultimate spooky house is at the top of your to-do list, right next to finding the perfect costume (or a costume at all).  Most people forget about their garage door when decorating their homes and leave the blank space to ruin the spooky effect.  Below are three ways to utilize your garage to make your house the most spooktacular one on your street.  

Trick-Or-Treat theatre

Probably the easiest (and least intrusive) decoration you can create is a Trick-Or-Treat theatre.  Set up a white sheet on the outside of your garage door, or just use the garage door if it is white.  Set up a projector on a small table to cast spooky Halloween movies on your garage throughout the evening.  Instead of having children come to your door, have them come visit you next to

the movie dressed as a character from the film.  It is sure to give them the chills as they interact with you while watching your story behind you!

Spooky scene

Due to the sheer size of your garage door, it is perfect for a spooky scene.  The first thing you need to do is decide what kind of scene you’d like to set up.  You can keep it simple and turn the side of your house into a giant monster face, with the garage door as the mouth, or buy a giant Halloween scene to tape on the door.  Alternatively, you can get more complicated and set up a crime scene (with a body and blood peeking out of the bottom of the garage door), turn it into a giant spider web with faux spider web decorations, or turn it into a crypt by placing 2’x2’ pieces of grey paper on your garage door and write spooky epitaphs on each one. Get creative! you can do anything!

Haunted House

If you would like, turn the inside of your garage into a haunted house.  The most important consideration for this option is safety.  Make sure that any exposed wires and power tools are properly stored and locked.  After that, create the dark ambiance by hiding things on the walls and around the edges of the room by putting up black fabric or plastic on the walls.  Alternatively, you could put up scenery walls like cobblestone or bricks.  You can add additional walls to send the trick-or-treaters on a journey by creating wooden slats covered in black gossamer and hanging them with o-hooks from the ceiling.  Begin adding fake spider webs and cheesecloth around the room.  Hang skeletons and bats from the ceiling, and place spooky decorations in every corner of the garage.  Use a fog machine to make it even spookier.  Make sure to light the room just enough to give adventurers visibility.  Lights from the bottom create eerie shadows on faces, adding to the general spook of the garage. You can theme the room as a mad scientist’s lab, a cemetery, or a witch’s parlor.