When you think about protecting your home from potential invaders and thieves, your garage usually isn’t the first thing that you think of. You’re concerned with hiding money, family heirlooms, and valuable documents. But you should probably be paying more attention to your garage! It’s probably filled with high-cost items that you would be devastated to lose. Your car is expensive, lawn equipment is expensive, and most people use their garage as a storage space for seasonal items. Things like camping gear, safes, and any other valuable items you’ve stored in your garage, are a target for potential home invaders.

Keep the door closed when you’re at home

Maybe you came home for your lunch break, and you’re planning on leaving in an hour, so you don’t bother to shut the garage door after you park your car. This causes two potential issues. First, an hour is plenty of time for someone to come into your garage and steal your car or any other item you have stored in your garage. Second, even if no one steals anything during this hour, an hour is ample time to target what they’d like to steal from your garage. So even if no one steals from you this time, it gives them time to strategize for the next time you leave the garage door open.

Lock everything up

This one seems obvious. Most garages have a door leading from the garage to the interior of the home, and they fail to lock this one. If someone can access your garage, and this door is not locked, they can access the rest of your home. In reverse, if someone gets into the interior of your home, they can easily get to your garage if this door is left unlocked. If you have a doggy door in your garage, make sure that this is sealed whenever it’s not in use.

Install lights outside

If your home doesn’t have motion sensor lights on the outside of your garage, it would be a great idea to install some. If there are lights, you’re less likely to be robbed.

Hide the emergency release

Most garage doors have a cord hanging inside your garage that can be used to manually open the garage door in the event that your door opener isn’t working. You’ll want to secure it so it’s no longer hanging down. If it’s hanging loose, a thief could use a wire to pull the cord down, opening your garage from the outside.