Your home garage can become so much more than just a simple space for storing your vehicles and tools. Whether this becomes an area for your to support a business venture, or as a way to fuel your hobby, learning how to turn your garage into something more will be beneficial to you.


Play Area



This play area can be geared towards your kids or those adults training to be on next season of American Ninja Warrior. If you choose this unique use, the garage must be completely dedicated to this, or install a secure wall to keep dangerous garage products such as power tools and gas away from this section of the garage. Install rubber matting along the floor and the walls. Choose material that can be easily cleaned and include soft obstacles such as bean bags and old couches.





For those who love to workout without dealing with the crowd at the gym, designing your own home gym within the walls of your garage is a great way to get away without taking up too much space in your home. For this garage gym to be effective, you will need to have at least a cooling system during the summer months, and maybe a heating system during the winter depending on how hot it gets in your area. Get away from the house to get physically fit while still staying close enough for convenience sake.





There are many different types of businesses that can be completed from home. You garage can be turned into the ideal place for many of these. While this includes creating your own personal office, there are other business ventures that can just as easily be completed from home. Rededicate your garage to be a dance studio, hair salon, or a portrait studio to fit in with your creative vision. Clean up your garage and add sufficient heating, cooling, and lighting to get the most from this structure.


Theater Room



Create the perfect atmosphere for watching the big game with friends or enjoy a relaxing movie at home with the family. Set up a projector or invest in a large screen to enjoy the garage more fully. Here you can go as big as you want with sound systems, high quality seating, and more.


Your garage can serve you in many more ways than you may realize. Take advantage of all this structure can bring to your home, for personal or business advantages. These changes can be beneficial for years to come, helping you to get more from your garage than ever before.

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