Putting away all the holiday decorations in January can be bittersweet. It’s nice to clear out the space and have it feel uncluttered. And yet, that clutter has to go somewhere–and often, we find that there just doesn’t seem to be the room in the garage that we thought there was at the beginning of the holiday season.

So, if shoving holiday decor boxes into stray corners and forcing fits inspired you to make your garage storage your new year’s resolution, then here are some tips to help you make it happen:

Vertical Shelving

This is the first, essential step if you’re looking for more storage room in your garage. Some garages have shelves built into the walls. You can set them up yourself, or look into industrial-grade shelving that you can put in your garage without doing any building. Look for something strong enough to hold up under heavy boxes, and be picky about sizes. You don’t want something that juts out into the middle of your garage and eats up more room than it has to, and once you start stacking boxes two deep, it can get confusing fast.

Uniform Boxes

One of the biggest secrets to good organization is simply having uniformly-sized boxes. This means that instead of playing a game of Tetris every time you need to get something in or out of your storage area, things are easily stacked and arranged. Make sure that you also label boxes clearly on both sides so that you can quickly see what you want.

Hanging Storage for Bikes

Bikes can be giant space-hogs, especially since we tend to lay them on the floor, rather than propping them up with a kickstand or bike rack. If you have several bikes stacked against the wall, it can be a nightmare extracting just one of them. Consider, instead, setting up a bike rack on the ceiling so that you can hang them much like they do in a bike store. If you have children who won’t be able to access their bikes when they’re up on the ceiling, consider a rack against the wall instead.

Ball Net

One of the most common culprits of tripping in the garage is from the odds and ends of sports. Soccer balls, baseball mitts, and basketballs all tend to go wild. Having a box in the corner will keep them contained, but they can also gather a lot of extra clutter, and harbor insects and other pests. Instead, think about hanging up a ball net, from which you can easily grab sports balls, without letting them all run free throughout the garage.

Designate Floor Space

Have you ever tried to pull into your garage, only to find flotsam and jetsam crowding the space in which your car belongs? Well, in order to prevent this problem, think about marking the zone that needs to be clear for your car. Simply using blue masking tape will do the trick. While you’re at it, you might want to designate other areas of your garage that are specifically meant for certain activities or items. For example, there can be an area for sleds or winter gear, or a work zone that’s meant to always be kept clear.