Earlier this month, we talked about a few unique and out-of-the box ways to utilize your garage for something besides letting your lawn mower collect dust, and store your car. Your garage is filled with potential that is unused. We want to help you use your garage for more things! Here are a few more exciting ways to use your garage in ways you maybe wouldn’t have thought of!



Your garage is the perfect place for a ping pong table, foosball, or a pinball machine. These otherwise noisy games can be put in a place that it won’t disturb the rest of the household, and can make them even more fun to play! If you have a lot of space, you could even throw down a few bean bag chairs and set up your gaming console in the garage, instead of in your living room.


Garage band


There’s a reason they’re called a garage band. With just a little bit of soundproofing, your garage could easily be converted to the perfect place for you, or your kids, to practice and play music with their friends.


Home theatre


Depending on the space available to you, you can convert a portion of your garage into a home theatre. A projector, popcorn machine, and a thrifted couch are all you need for instant fun and plenty of nights rife with potential memories.


Craft space


If you like to get crafty in your free time, adding a corner for crafting in your garage is a perfect idea! Install a desk or workspace, and shelves of varying heights to store organization bins. This is also great if there are multiple family members with varying artistic inclinations. Every family member can have their own bin for whatever their chosen artistic medium is, so everyone can use the space when they’re feeling creative.


Gym space


One of the most popular ways for many people to use their garage, is to create a home gym. This makes it easier if you have limited time to get your workout in, and will save you on gym membership fees. With just a few pieces of equipment, a mat for your floor, and a bit of motivation, you can have the home gym you’ve always wanted.