You have heard that there are some things that you should not keep in your garage (such as paint, flammables, gasoline, etc.), but what about things that you should have in your garage?  Below is a list of 6 essential things that every organized garage needs.  

Work Table

Place a work table in your garage so that you can have a hobby center within the walls of your own home.  Whether you like gardening, auto repair, or you hope to become a blacksmith someday, having a place to work will help you live your dream.  If you’d also like a place to sit, get a stool or work bench that can slide under the table for easy storage.

Storage Cabinets

It is quite normal to store things in your garage, but if you’d like to have the space organized, you need to install shelves, or even better, storage cabinets.  Cabinets allow you to hide your storage from view and make your garage look more organized and clean.  


Tool Rack

No garage is complete without a tool rack.  Install one near the garage door so that you have quick access to your summer and winter tools.  Store your garden tools as well as winter shovels within reach.  A tool rack is not only great for storage purposes, but for utility value.  For example, if you shovel your driveway during the winter, you can hang your shovel up to dry to prevent rusting.  

Stain-Free Flooring

If you like to work on cars in the garage, or you have a leaky vehicle, it is important to have a stain-free flooring.  The most popular protective coating are epoxy-based paints.  They make the garage look nicer, as well as make it easier to clean up spills and fluid leaks.  

Quality Door

It is important to have a quality door on your garage.  A good garage door provides insulation, soundproofing, waterproofing, safety and security for your home.  While it is less expensive to purchase a cheap garage door, they tend to break down much quicker and run less effectively than a quality door.  

Transition Zone

Set up a transition zone between the rest of your home and your garage, otherwise known as a mini-mud room.  Right at the entrance to your home, have hanging hooks for wet jackets as well as a shoe rack for soiled shoes.  Having a functional transition zone will help keep your house clean and dry.