You may have already assessed what you need to keep in your car in order to be fully prepared for emergencies—a jumper cable, flashlight, first aid kit, cat litter, ice scraper, etc. But car- and emergency-related items aren’t the only smart things that you should be keeping in your car. You car is actually the perfect place to keep a number of other items that will make your day-to-day life much easier. Here is a look at seven unexpected items that you should take out of your home and into your car.


How often do you find yourself at the store, only to realize that you left the coupons you meant to use at home? Move your coupons to the car, and should this ever happen again, all you need to do is take a quick trip back to the parking lot.

Gift Cards and Loyalty Cards

The above coupon scenario has likely happened to you with gift cards as well (unless you’re one of those people who packs your wallet with every card that you own). Free some space in your wallet and move those extra gift cards and loyalty cards to your car, then grab them as you need them. And if you know you’ll be going out shopping or dining with a friend, then you can make a quick trip to the car to get any cards you think you’ll need.

Reusable Bags

So this might be one that you already practice—keeping your reusable shopping bags in the car so that you can grab them just before you head into the grocery store. If you find that you regularly forget to put your bags back into the car, it’s a good idea to invest in a few compressible bags that you can simply tuck back into your purse or coat pocket for the next time that you head to the car.

Baseball Cap

Why a baseball cap? If you plan on ever rolling down the windows while driving during the summer months, a baseball cap is the perfect thing to keep on hand for those with long hair who might otherwise be bothered by all of the wind.

Gym Bag

Nothing is more elusive than motivation to work out. So if you’re feeling motivated to work out right after work, it probably isn’t a good idea to have to go home to change into your workout clothing before heading to the gym—there are simply too many distracting things that could possibly kill your motivation. Keep a small gym bag with running shoes, a change of clothing, and some basic toiletries that are nice to have on hand, anyway.


A blanket is great for much more than an emergency—a sturdy blanket such as a falsa blanket or wool blanket is great for warming up cold passengers, or for doubling as an impromptu picnic or beach blanket.

72-Hour Kit

You might have a 72-hour kit at home in case an emergency should arise, but think about it—how much more often are you where your car is than you are at home? Make a quick 72-hour kit for your car that includes emergency food items, basic toiletries, clothing, and extra cash so that you’ll always be prepared. (Just be sure that the food you include will remain stable as your car weathers the seasons.)