Garage doors are an important piece of your home’s overall exterior design, making sure the style of the door matches the mood of the rest of the architecture is essential if you want a cohesive home design. There are several types of garage door styles to choose from, an option to accommodate every type of home whether it be a ranch rambler or modern mansion. What type of garage door would work for your home?

Carriage House Garage Doors

These types of doors are what one might call “traditional looking,” just as the name proclaims, they do resemble a carriage door. Over a century ago, those that were affluent in the community had a stable where they would house their horses and carriage. These heavy double doors often had decorative hinges and handles that you could then use to pull the door outward to make room for the incoming carriage and horses.

Garage doors styled in that way have been slightly modernized to appear as though they are, again, a sign of luxury and prosperity but with a few additions. A row of windows in various shapes and sizes is part of this distinctive garage door style, and is often accompanied by a decorative handle and hinge that is painted a contrast color to the main color of the door.

Homes that may benefit from this type of garage door include: Log Cabins, Barn Style homes, American Colonial, Cottages, Ranch, or even a Split-Level home!


Carriage House Garage Door

Modern Garage Doors

Even contemporary homes that appear to be seamless, with one line running to the other uninterrupted, need garage doors. These garage doors are designed to flawlessly match a contemporary home’s streamlined design. These doors can be easily recognized by the use of square patterns. Usually, two or three rows of squares that are made by windows that contain a white frost and bordered by a black finish.

A good home match for these garage doors are: A-Frames, Deck Houses, and other modern homes.


Modern Garage Door


Raised Panel Garage Doors

These are the garage doors that you see on suburban homes all over the United States, in fact, you probably grew up in a home with one of these doors. These doors are rows of panels that you originally lifted by hand but now are automatically lifted with a garage door opener. As time has gone on they have become a lot more customizable to fit the feel of your home.

These types of doors work on almost any home! The flexibility in the design of these doors allow the style to accommodate any style of home!


Raised Panel Garage Door