Garage doors are an essential part to most homes, but are not often thought about until something goes wrong. Most of the time garage doors perform admirably and do just what is required of them. There are several things that can be done to keep them running well, such as not subjecting them to unnecessary wear and damage, and performing basic maintenance when necessary. The easiest thing to do to keep a garage door working well is to avoid subjecting it to too much wear and tear.

Garage doors are designed to be operable and safe, and keep out the weather. However they are not designed to sustain overt stress and repeated blows. For those who have children, or live in a neighborhood with young families, a familiar sight might be kids playing hockey, tennis, lacrosse, soccer, or throwing a baseball against a garage door. It seems like a good idea because kids can play in the safety of their driveway and the garage door serves as a good backstop. However, this can result in panels being dented or broken, and the repeated impacts can loosen bolts and contribute to unnecessary stress and further damage.

If something should happen to your garage door, it is important to repair it promptly. Garage door service is a good way to prevent more costly repairs or even replacement in the future. Some repairs are minor and quick and may only involve tightening bolts, cleaning and lubricating the tracks or adjusting the alignment of the tracks. An essential part of a good working garage door is the springs, because they are the parts that allow the door to raise and lower.

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