Improving the aesthetic appearance of your garage and the surrounding area is a great way to create a pleasant environment and possibly add some value to your property–even if it is just aesthetic value. Garages are important spaces and can serve a range of functions–from simple storage to work and living spaces. Keeping the inside of the garage organized and in good condition is an obvious factor in maintaining the space and creating value, but the exterior and surrounding area is also important to consider in terms of organization and appearance. Here are a few tips to beautify the exterior space around your garage.


Landscape & Garden


A little bit of landscaping work and some gardening can enliven the space surrounding the garage. Planting trees, shrubs, or even fruit trees and vegetables are great options to improve the look and function of the space around the garage. Enlivening the surrounding land with a green touch can be the perfect way to improve upon the appearance of the garage. Professional landscaping with dirt, mulch, rocks, and native plants can add a nice aesthetic and potentially add some value to your property. The space surrounding your garage doesn’t have to be an unexciting, cement slab. If you have the space to work with, consider doing some landscaping and adding some greenery around the structure.


Patios & Gathering Space



If you’ve decided to do a little landscaping around your garage, you could also create some gathering space like a barbeque pit or patio for entertaining. These don’t have to be located right next to the garage, but if you have the space available and it seems suitable, this type of modification can be a nice way to beautify and take advantage of an otherwise unused area. Patios don’t have to be especially complex. Simple designs are often the most functional and most cost effective. If you are doing a landscaping project around the garage, consider allocating some space of a patio. You may even be able to incorporate some decor and lighting by using the garage.


Paint & Structural Maintenance



Sometimes beautifying the space around you garage involves the garage itself. If your garage is in disrepair or in need of a little care, a new coat of paint, cosmetic or structural maintenance may be all it takes to give the area an improved aesthetic. Repairing windows, doors, siding, and ensuring the exterior of the structure is in good condition can all make a difference in the appeal of that part of your home. This coupled with some landscaping or garden work can significantly improve the functionality and aesthetic appeal of the garage and the surrounding area.

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