Botox has become an essential beauty regime for both men and women and not just in Beverly Hills, but all throughout the nation.  And why wouldn’t people want to use it? It beautifies your face by eliminating (although temporarily) frown lines, ‘crow’s feet’ and much more instantly improving your image.

If you’re one of those individuals that prefer to “age gracefully”, then more power to you! Instead you can turn your need for improvement towards your garage door and quickly update its look by adding a window section to one of your panels.

Garage door window options and tips

Luckily, there are all types of garage door window options from the type of glass, to the window shape, to the decorative trim.  The result is a customized one-of-a-kind look for your home!

  • Choose a window and insert that compliments the architecture and style of your home.
  • The type of look you get will depend on the type of glass you choose.  Your options range from tempered glass, clear glass, solar bronze and insulated glass.  However, some types are not available for certain garage door panel materials.
  • Decorative trim styles can give your home a distinctive look.  Not only are decorative-trim garage doors beautiful, they’re also functional as they come with standard with double-strength glass for greater durability.

For more information regarding garage door windows, panels, and trim contact us! We are your expert Utah garage door company.  The type of glass, trim and overall look will depend entirely on which company you choose to shop from.