After a recent service call to tune up a garage door, A + has once again distinguished itself with exceptional customer service and comprehensive expertise on a routine call. The customer found A + through a Valpak ad and decided to call because his door was not working properly and required a much needed tune up. Our technician Parker responded to the call the very same day to diagnose and fix the problem.

Upon checking the rollers and cables, Parker discovered that the rollers were cracked and the cables frayed. After overhauling the door and making the repairs he warrantied all of the work for the client. He also recommended that the client lube the door every year to ensure that it functions properly. This is just one more example of how A + Garage Doors always puts the customer first with a timely response, a thorough, professional evaluation, and an expert repair.

The next time your garage door is acting up or just needs a professional touch to get in back on track, don’t hesitate to give A + a call. Our technicians are trained experts in every part of garage door installation and repair and we take pride in our work–everything from doing the job perfectly the first time to ensuring that you get the advice you need about your garage door.

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