When you need your garage door repaired do not forget that you may be able to find our name in the most unlikely of places. One of our customers from Woods Cross had no idea who to call when their garage door need repairs made so they picked up their Money Mailer and called the first garage door company they saw, A+ Garage Doors.

Now this customer needed their garage door fixed desperately. They parked their car in their garage on a regular basis and just so happened to make a big mistake this one time. They ran their car into their garage door. Our service technician Ryan did not bother to ask why the customer ran into their own door because, well, that would be unprofessional and the garage door was in serious need of repair either way.

Now Ryan, our technician, made a professional level suggestion. He suggested for our customer to not drive his car into his garage door again. Surprisingly the customer was trying to get a new door anyway. Who is to judge the customer who took it into their own hands to find a need for a new garage door?

Ryan was able to install and replace the garage door the same day the customer called which is great service coming from a random garage door company our customer found in a Money Mailer, wouldn’t you say? Of course we do not view ourselves as a “random” company but when you are rifling through a Money Mailer every company is random to you.

This was a unique case in that it was on the verge of comical why the customer needed a new door. Okay it sounds hilarious but the response time our technician Ryan responded with and the happiness of the customer is what we are all about. No matter the job we will always put our best foot forward to please the customer.