The world of outdoor design doesn’t move quite as fast as interior design. However, it’s still best to be on the edge of the trends if you’re making new changes to your home, in order to keep them relevant to the marketplace and raise the resale value of your home.

Here are a few design trends that we predict for the year 2018:

  • Texture: A few different elements are combining to feature texture as a way to add visual interest over other things (like bright color.) This means that houses are more likely to feature stonework, brick, shiplap, or stucco as opposed to generic acrylic siding. Texture is contrasted in different exterior surfaces to create layers and dimension.
  • Neutral Color: It may seem easy to state neutrals as a trend in home exteriors. After all, aren’t neutrals always “in”? That’s why you picked something bland! But 2018 is going to see a lot more thoughtful and specific gradients in the way neutrals are treated. Anticipate high contrast in how neutrals are handled on a home’s exterior, with subtle gradients of grey used in the majority of cases. These neutral colors help to accentuate the texture use in revived home materials.
  • Featured Extras: There are a lot of things that go into the design of your home’s exterior that you might not think about while you’re first considering the color of your house’s walls and trim. For example, soft and hardscaping garden elements that surround the house, fencing, garages, and even the front door. Instead of downplaying these elements and simply planning them to match with the home’s featured design, we’ll see a lot of these extra home elements being showcased. For example, there will be a lot more featured garages, statement landscaping pieces, and elaborate designs on fences.
  • Strong Accent Colors: A favorite from 2017 that will continue is a strong accent color in the design. This might mean a spanish orange door, an accent wall in the garden, or a bold color for the shutters.
  • Natural Elements: Another factor that supports the influx of texture is the re-incorporation of natural elements. Rather than using sleek plastic acrylics, people are craving raw natural wood and stone. Even red brick is seeing a dramatic comeback.
  • Eclectic, Mixed Styles: More and more people are deciding to throw out the rulebook for their chosen style. That means that you’ll see divergent philosophies like Mid-Century Modern and Cottage Style coming together. For example, you might find a rustic bench placed in a geometric yard. People are gathering together their favorite parts of different eras and creating new fusions.

There are also some trends that we’ll continue to see progress from last year, namely an emphasis on durability, ease of maintenance, and eco-friendly materials and techniques.

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