Garage Door Springs UtahA garage door is a something we use on a daily basis that we often take for granted.  It serves a simple purpose and we expect for it to work every single time.  When something goes wrong with it we finally realize how desperately we need it.

Recently one of our customers in West Valley City finally ran into their garage door collapsing, when no one was home, and needed it fixed immediately.  With the quick response time of our service technician Lynn Kelsch, the customer was able to have their garage door up and running again after a few modifications.

The first problem the customer had was that the parts to their garage door were 40 years old.  Most garage doors last half that amount of time before they need to be replaced but this one doubled its lifespan.  This creates a ticking time bomb for the customer of when the door will come off its rollers and possibly hurt someone going under the door.  Thankfully no one was around the door when it came off its rollers but knowing how old your garage door is and doing a basic visual inspection of the parts on a yearly basis is a good rule of thumb.

Garage Door Rollers

Next came the new springs which were also extremely overused.  Pairing the new springs with a brand new universal torsion system to raise and lower the springs and the garage door made the door much safer than it had been.  Lynn also gave the customer advice on the regular lubrication of the door’s rollers as well as how to perform a balance test to ensure the newly installed springs were balanced.Our service technician Lynn realized the door was made of fiberglass which caused it to crumble once it hit the concrete driveway.  The material the door is made of matters so Lynn replaced the fiberglass door with a steel one.  The steel door provides much more strength throughout the entire door.

One of the main parts of a garage door that many people forget about is the springs.  They are the main reason your door is able to raise and lower in a straight line on a daily basis.  These springs are also wound extremely tight.  It is advised that you do not try to install the springs yourself as they can easily snap back and cause you harm.  Be sure your springs look tight and if they start to seem as if they may need to be replaced call your technician.  We do not want anyone getting hurt out there.