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Roll Up Overhead Doors

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There are three types of garage door that you can choose: roll up overhead doors, sectional doors, and single-panel doors. Single-panel doors are seldom used for commercial purposes, and more information about sectional doors, you can read here. We’re here right now to talk about roll-up doors, especially as they apply to commercial applications.

About Roll Up Garage Doors

Roll up overhead doors consist of many horizontal slats, which easily bend, allowing them to be rolled up compactly around an overhead drum as the door opens. Roll up overhead garage doors can also be called coiling doors or roll-up steel doors, although they can come in several different materials, including acrylic panels, aluminum, or steel.

Benefits of Roll Up Overhead Doors

  • Lightweight and easy to use: Roll up garage doors are usually much thinner, and lighter, than single panel doors, or sectional doors. For this reason, it’s easy to use them yourself, with or without an automatic opener.
  • Compact: Most often, people choose roll up doors because they’re small. If there’s not room above the door for the arm and track needed for a sectional or single panel door as it opens and closes, a roll-up door is usually your best alternative. These doors coil up when the entryway is open, and keep themselves compact.
  • Readily available in high-speed options: Because these doors are lightweight, it’s easier to install them with fast-open-and-close capabilities, which can be extremely useful in some commercial uses.
  • Hardy and low-maintenance: Most roll-up doors are made of steel or aluminum panels, which are hardy, secure, and easy to maintain.
  • Flexibility of function: Because roll up overhead doors are compact and lightweight, it’s easy to apply them to a variety of uses. They can be used as a security grille, as a divider between a booth and a line, or simply for your average garage door.

Most of our roll up overhead doors come from our trusted supplier Wayne Dalton, a leader in garage door tech, especially for the commercial sector. Browse here to see the options available.

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