In terms of practicality, a garage is just a place where you store your vehicles, tools, and maybe those Christmas decorations that you’ve just now started to take down. However, in the hands of a creative contractors, or an inspired individual with a knack for interior decoration, a garage can become among the coolest components of any home. There are a ton of ways that people have been able to turn their garage into a unique addition to their house, and there are probably more exciting ways that this will be done in the future! In the meantime, though, here are some cool garage designs that we’ve seen done…

Double deckers

It’s awesome when people can find ways to make the use out of the space that they have. One way that people have been able to do this with their garage doors is to turn their garage into a double decker. While certainly an investment, a double decker can turn a two car garage into a three or four car garage, with extra room to spare. Sometimes people do this by constructing a ramp when they are building an addition to their garage. Other times, although it can be expensive, people invest in an automatic lift that works as an elevator to bring their car to the next level.

Garage condos

Although we don’t want to make this specific to any gender, the coolest bachelor pads we’ve ever seen might just have to be a garage condo. Essentially, in a similar fashion to the double decker garage, people build a second level onto the garage with an open floor that looks down on their vehicles. On the top level, they install a space for a bedroom and a kitchen, as well as a bathroom. This makes the garage a terrific living space that can be designed with a style of sleek elegance in mind.

Vintage auto garage

Many of cool garage designs involve needing to a significant amount of construction to alter the entire layout of what your garage is. However, you certainly don’t have to do this to update your garage into something awesome. Sometimes, all you need is a great vision and an eye for style and decoration. For example, many garage owners have created stylish garages by going for a vintage auto garage look. This involves having a classic color scheme, such as hot-rod red, or an old diner green, as well as buying decorations like calendars, posters, and models to spice up the place. To really nail this look down, a classic car from the hot rod era would do nicely.


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