Mudrooms are an increasingly popular feature in homes today, and they also happen to be incredibly convenient. A mudroom offers an easy place to set down shopping bags, take off muddy boots, and hang a jacket that might be wet from the rain. And when you choose to set up your mudroom in your garage, you’ll enjoy a cleaner indoor living space. A garage mudroom also gives you a little more freedom to decorate, as you won’t necessarily have to match your mudroom to already-existing interior décor.

If you’re looking to set up a mudroom space in your garage, here are a few simple tips that can help you get there.

Set up around the home entrance.

The best place to set up a garage mudroom, of course, is next to and surrounding the garage door entrace into your home. This keeps shoes and coats conveniently close by when you need to leave, and it will allow you to keep your weather-proof things on until the very moment before you step into the house.

Prep your floor.

Clearly this area is going to see a lot of mud and debris. Prep your floor by setting down a heavy-duty mat, and perhaps even a boot tray for rainy and snowy weather.

Designate the area.

A great way to set your mudroom apart from the rest of the garage—and make it more appealing—is to designate it with a special color scheme, shelving unit, or wall style. Consider installing a special white paneled wall in the area that will be occupied by hooks and shelving, or coordinating your mudroom bench to match the stairs that lead into your home. You might decide to decorate your mudroom in such a way that it coordinates well with both the interior of your home and the heavier-duty garage area, blending those two areas together.

Include the mudroom staples: hooks, shelving, and a bench.

Every mudroom—or in this case, mudroom area—needs to at least have the basic mudroom staples: hooks, shelving, and a bench. Try centering your mudroom space around a bench that features shelving underneath. Then, install hooks on the wall behind the bench, and add divided shelving above to hold bins for hats, gloves, scarves, and more. If your mudroom is located on one side of the door leading into your home, you might consider installing hooks on the wall on the other side of the door as well to hold umbrellas, dog leashes, a shoe horn, etc.

Use sturdy materials.

Remember: this is an area of the home that’s going to see a lot more wear and tear than other areas. Choose your materials accordingly, using strong woods with a durable paint finish, and hooks that will be able to hold heavy, wet coats. If your mudroom area features a bench with upholstery, choose a fabric that will hold up to outdoor elements.