Replace your garage door with a variety of attractive and energy-efficient styles

 A great garage door can transform the aesthetics of your home and    even reinvigorate a tired, worn out storage space. No matter what    purposes your garage serves, a custom door is great for style and    functionality of the garage unit. Before falling head first into tearing    out your old door, there are a few things to consider when  customizing the door.  Customizing a garage door is different than  just picking out a door from the garage door display at the local  hardware store. Customizing a garage door is about personalizing it  for your needs and tastes. Here are some things to keep in mind.


Have a Vision

The first and most important part of the customization process is to have a vision to execute. This can often be one of the most difficult parts of the design process since it requires pouring through samples of different styles of garages and finding something that suits your budget and taste. There are a lot of styles and materials in garage doors and having a sense of what suits your home best is crucial to settling on a design and getting to the next stage of the process. The visionary stage must also take into account important details like square footage and potential installation concerns since a vision can quickly break from reality if you’re not careful.


Plan Thoroughly

The next stage is the planning stage, though planning often coincides with the vision process when pondering the details of the project. Essentially, at this stage you should begin to collaborate with the garage door designers and, if applicable, builders or architects on the details of the project. Everything from the wood, millwork, trim, windows, and finish need to be discussed at this stage. This is basically a run down of the blueprints of the garage door design and construction.


Initiate Construction

This is the best part of the process–getting the custom garage door built. Make sure you have communicated everything and collaborated well with the designers and builders prior to beginning construction. For custom garage doors, this stage involves the garage door company specially building the door and shipping it for transport to your home. For new constructions, the garage door is also built off site and shipped to the home for installation.


Finish with Installation

The last thing to consider is the installation. This is usually the easiest part and only requires coordinating with the company to have the door delivered and installed. For custom doors, the company will ensure that the door is perfectly fitted and running smoothly.


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