The garage is a convenient space for storing car supplies, sporting goods, tools, and more, but that also means it’s only too easy for the garage to become highly disorganized and dysfunctional. The good news? Getting your garage space organized is easier than you might think, and all it requires is a few affordable supplies from your local hardware store or home goods store. Here are some great DIY storage solutions for all of the items you’ve been keeping in your garage.

Magnetic strip for drill bits

Many furniture and home supply stores like IKEA sell affordable magnetic strips for storing knives in the kitchen. Repurpose a magnetic strip for easy, visible storage for drill bits in your garage.

Hanging jars for nuts and bolts

Try screwing the tops of multiple small jars to the bottom surface of a wooden shelf in your garage. You’ll make use of valuable unused space on our garage shelf, and the clear jars will make for perfectly convenient storage for screws, nuts, bolts, and the like.

Muffin tins for nuts and bolts

Alternatively, if you are looking to make use of drawers in your workspace area, find some cheap muffin tins at your local grocery store and slide them into your drawers. They’re great for storing small items like nuts, bolts, screws, and nails.

Pegboard for a workspace

Consider installing pegboard on the wall behind your garage workbench. This will make it easy to install hooks for hanging small tools, tape, gloves, and more.

Sideways palette for garden tools

If you have a number of tall garden tools such as shovels and hoes on hand, one of the easiest ways you can store them is to find a large wooden palette (which you can usually find for free) and lean it sideways against your garage wall. Fastening to the wall will make your instant storage even more secure. Then set garden tools, brooms, planks of wood, and more right in that center space in the palette.

PVC pipes for garden tools

Another affordable way to keep your shovels, rakes, and hoes organized against your garage wall is to adhere small, vertical pieces of PVC pipe in a row along a horizontal piece of wood. Then, fasten this piece of wood to the wall of your garage for a simple, DIY garden tool shelf.

Hanging hooks or pipes for bike storage

Do you live in constant fear of the bicycles in your garage toppling over and hitting the side door of your car? Move your bikes upward and hang them from your ceiling. All you need are two strategically placed hooks screwed to your ceiling. You could even use two small pieces of curved piping as your “hooks.”