It’s no secret that the garage door is one of the heaviest moving parts in our home! And, when you have curious little ones running around ducking beneath or hitching a ride on them, a garage door can turn into a danger zone!

Even without children, installation errors and wear and tear can bring a garage door down on top of cars or loved ones at any moment.  In fact, thousands of garage door-related accidents happen each year! Getting informed on some of the top garage door dangers and how to keep your loved ones safe can help you avoid any accidents.

According to some of the top garage door dangers include:

  1. Children riding it
  2. Installation errors
  3. Entrapment
  4. Faulty springs
  5. Falling door
  6. Photo eye wire issues
  7. Stuck or crushed fingers!

How to keep loved ones safe from garage door dangers

It’s important that you teach your children the dangers of playing under or around the garage door.  And, never rely on safety features to work properly.  You should perform monthly tests to ensure everything is in order, but always remain cautious! Other tips:

  • Snow or ice can slow or block doors and may cause you to over compensate.
  • Keep garage door switches high up so children can’t reach them and remote openers out of curious hands.
  • Routinely check the auto reverse safety feature by placing a block of wood in its path, and then operating it to make sure it stops and reverses before hitting the block.
  • Make sure your pets are out of the way!
  • Check the frame and mechanisms often to ensure nothing has come loose.
  • Dirt and other things can get caught and cause malfunctions, so keep your garage door as clean as possible.

If you do suspect a problem with your garage door, calling a professional is your best bet to ensure proper repair.  If you’re in Utah, A+ Garage Doors specializes in repair, maintenance, and installation of garage door springs, cables, rollers, panels, remotes, and keyless entry devices.