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Do you have a garage door arch? Are you considering buying or building a home with an arch above the garage door?

Arches are a great way to add some character to the exterior of your home, but did you know that having an arch above your garage door may actually cause damage to your door and frame?

How a Garage Door Works

Garage doors work on a motorized pulley system, where a belt pulls the door open with most of the help coming from the springs. For a door to open properly, it needs the correct spacing between itself and the frame surrounding it. Garage doors need a 90 degree angle in the frame to ensure there is no scraping. 

As shown in the above photo, a Garage door needs to have the space for its panels to properly run along the track, and to slip through the frame. There are solutions to fixing the spacing if you have an arch, and if you want help with this, please contact us, we can help get your garage door running smoothly.

The damage caused by a door scraping against the frame requires more frequent repairs to your motor, as it is struggling to open your door through the unnecessary traction it receives from the frame, and more frequent repairs to your door from all the damage it causes to the integrity to the outside of the door. 


There are simple remedies when it comes to ensuring that you can still have that aesthetic feel of the arch, without compromising your door, creating a need for a new door in a few years rather than the 10+ years that they should originally last.

While looking into creating that arch, which brings great curb appeal, consider adding accents onto your garage door frame. These can be added outside the actual frame of your garage door frame, and will not compromise the functionality. You can also add decorative hardware, which creates the effect of an arch on your door. 

There are different kinds of accents and hardware that you can use that still give the beautiful curb appeal.

Decorative Hardware

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This is a simple and cheap solution to give you that arched look, while still maintaining the correct frame angles. An otherwise plain white door can turn into a door that stands out from the rest of the house. 

Brick Outside Layer

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Photo credit: Rembrandt Accents

At first glance this frame actually looks like it is part of the actual garage door frame, however, they added this outside the limits of the garage door and makes it so that you still have the strong arch appeal without scraping on your door.

Weather Trim

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If you already have a garage arch and are wondering ways to make it work without changing the structural integrity of your home, you can have weather trim added to the frame. Doing this can even help if you have windows, as shown in this photo the weather trim provided a frame to the windows so that they appear arched. 

Above Door Accent

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Photo Credit: Houzz

This can be added above the door still providing that arch, without having anything around your door that would cause any problems, or needs to change or repair your door sooner than needed.

Looking For Ways to Fix Your Garage Arch?

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