Most of us are fairly careful about maintaining our homes and automobiles; but without careful, periodic attention to the garage, both can be for naught. Your garage door is the most prominent feature of your home – it accounts for up to two-thirds of what people see when they look at your house. Let it fall into unsightly disrepair at your own peril! Garage door maintenance is extremely easy. Here are just a few steps to take to make sure your garage door looks good and continues doing its job:

Every six months, you should

  1. Remove dirt and grime from the windows with regular glass cleaner.
  2. Wipe down the surface of the door using household detergent and water.

Once per year, you should

  1. Do a thorough inspection. Here are a few important things to check for:
    • Are there any rollers with bent shafts, worn-out bearings, or broken wheels?
    • Are any of the hinges bent or loose?
    • Are there any missing or loose bolts or screws? If so, tighten them up.
    • Are the extension spring-lift cables running properly in the pulleys? Is there any rubbing taking place?
  2. Take a few minutes and lubricate all of the door’s moving parts.

If you run into any hiccoughs along the way, contact your Utah garage door repair experts!