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Garage doors, like any piece of mechanical equipment, are subject to breakdowns. Often, you can repair many common malfunctions yourself, but there are instances where calling a professional can not only save you a lot of headache, but valuable time and money–particularly if you make a problem worse while tinkering with the door. Keeping a garage door in good condition is not only important for functional reasons, but security as well. A broken door could be an invitation to thieves since valuable are often kept in garages and they can lead into the house. If your garage door is in need of repair, here are some instances where you may be best served calling a pro.


Malfunctioning Door


If the garage door won’t open, you will need to check that the opener remote is working. Check the batteries on the remote and the main keypad for the door. If the door still doesn’t open, the remote may need to be reprogrammed or you could buy a new universal remote or receiver. Conversely, the remote may work but the wall switch may not. In this case, the switch or the wires may be bad and need to be replaced. If you don’t feel comfortable messing with the wiring, call a garage door service professional to have this done.


Bad Door Sensors


This problem is likely a problem with the door sensors. These sensors need to be in alignment to cue the door to close automatically. Sometimes fixing this problem only requires aligning the sensors. When nothing is between the sensors, a light should be present. If this light is not showing, you may need to replace the sensors. Buy and replace the sensors or call a professional to have this done.


Broken Trolley Carriage


If the garage door fails to open but the trolley carriage moves, you may need to replace the trolley carriage. This job requires removing the trolley carriage and installing a new one. The old trolley will need to be disconnected from the rail and the new trolley attached. This is a relatively straightforward problem to fix, but if you don’t feel mechanically comfortable enough to do this, it is best to call a professional to have it done right.

Failed Gear Drive

A grinding noise accompanied by an unmoving door could be an indicator that the main gear drive is broken. This is a common problem for automatic garage doors. Solving this problem will require disassembling and reassembling the garage door opener. This can be a more complex fix than certain other problems, so if you are in doubt where to begin call a garage door repair specialist and have the problem professional addressed. A repair technician can also asses the whole door setup and make sure everything is in good condition.

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