Garage door rollers are an important part of every overhead door system. In order for a paneled door to move smoothly up and down, it must move smoothly along the wall and/or ceiling, and the rollers are designed specifically for this task.

Rollers are made to be very heavy duty, as they must be able to support the weight of the door when it is lifted overhead. They are installed in hinges and brackets that allow the stem to move back and forth to follow the track and hold the door in place. The rolling mechanism is provided by ball bearings contained inside the wheel.

The nylon wheel that interacts with the track is made to withstand a lot of use, but the rollers do eventually wear out, usually due to the bearings. This is very common for unsealed rollers, which have no protection against dust, dirt, and other debris that could interfere with the ball bearings over time.

Example of an unsealed roller, the bearings are easily viewable and unprotected.

At A Plus Garage Doors, we source, stock, and recommend premium sealed rollers that last much longer than their unsealed counterparts. We do our absolute best to ensure that every garage door is safe and easy to use for years to come, and take pride in using the highest quality parts we can source from trusted manufacturers.

A premium sealed roller with the bearings completely covered from dirt, dust and debris.

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