Your garage door is the biggest moving part in your entire home. Because of this, it can leave a big opening for potential thieves. Make the changes to your garage door to better protect it from potential security risks. This can be done by making certain changes, or even practicing smarter habits to ensure your garage and the belongings inside remain safe from intruders .


Automatic Openers


When automatic garage door openers were first brought into being, every door could be opened with the same code. This soon proved to be a problem as the obvious set in that anyone could access anyone else’s garage. This was designated by brand so potential thieves could simply drive around a neighborhood clicking their button until they came across a home with the same brand. Those who had these original automatic door openers need to upgrade to newer models that don’t have this same problem. Now rolling-code technology is used to protect against this.


Protecting the Remote

Because of rolling-code technology, it is almost impossible for potential thieves to enter without your garage remote or the keycode. Don’t give them the chance to obtain either of these. The remote to your garage should not be somewhere obvious in your car, but instead should be kept either hidden away or not in the car at all. This is especially true if your car is parked outside the garage for an extended period of time. Instead of these bulky and obvious openers, you can use a smaller keychain remote that will be with you no matter where you go.


Keep It Closed


Leaving your garage door open is just too much a temptation for passing thieves. It is all too easy to reach inside and grab some valuables. Unless there is a good reason and you are near it, do not leave your garage door open. The same holds true for the door leading to the home if you have an attached garage. Even if intruders are able to access your garage, it should stop there. Prevent them from further entering your property.


Keep It Maintained


Failing to properly maintain your garage door can lead to problems in the function. Watch for signs of corrosion, frame problems, hinge malfunctions, and more. A damaged garage door will be more vulnerable to thieves.

Follow these garage door safety tips to ensure your garage will be safe from exterior conditions. By making the small yet important changes, you can better ensure safety for your belongings.

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