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When it comes to your garage, there are many options out there that can benefit and improve this space. No matter if you use your garage as a workspace, or just as a place to store your belongings, updating the flooring will be beneficial to you. Putting a protective coating over the cement will help prevent against cracking and other damage. These coatings are basically paints that have been made to fit the needs of the garage, making them easy to install and durable. Examine each of the different types of flooring that can be done to your garage and choose the one that has the most advantages for your situation.





This is the cheapest option for putting a protective layer over the concrete of your garage floor. This does not need any special equipment to install, making it easy for homeowners to take care of themselves. This can be a simple and basic solution.


The garage that will most benefit from a latex garage flooring would be one that does not have a lot of heavy usage from motorized vehicles. If you are just using your garage for storage, bikes, and other sporting goods, latex is the best way to protect and hide the cement floor. Automotive vehicles have the potential to ruin the surface of the latex, causing peeling and other problems. In addition to this, multiple coats will need to be applied just to make the surface smooth. This flooring material will often last about two years when properly taken care of.





An epoxy finish will take more time and effort, but can also deliver longer benefits, strengthening the surface of your garage. This surface is smooth and professional looking when done right, giving a high resistance to chemicals, chipping, and scuffing. Make sure before applying this surface that the cement has been properly prepared.


There are a number of different types of epoxy that can be applied to your floor. These range in what they will do for your floor, as well as your price. While this solution will last years longer than the latex solutions, it can be quite a bit more expensive. Look more into the needs of your garage floor to see if this is the best solution for you.





Polyurethane has made a name for itself as the industrial standard. This will be the best flooring option for those who are looking for a heavy duty garage flooring that can withstand some of the worst workshop problems.These use an epoxy for a primer coat, then adding the polyurethane later for additional protection.


Since the polyurethane is more durable, this will come at a cost. The application of this sealant can take up to five times more effort and time to get the project done. In addition to this, since you will be applying an epoxy first then the polyurethane, this will be more expensive and difficult to install. Once done however, this material will last for much longer.
If you are looking to improve the appearance and durability of your garage floor, start looking at the different options that are available to you. Each of these have both advantages and disadvantages that need to be considered before making a decision.

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