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Fixing a Squeaky Garage Door

Open Garage DoorWe’re all familiar with the loud, piercing squeak that older garage doors are known for.  Many homeowners try to avoid going in and out of the garage because the squeak has become so obnoxious, and some are even fined by their HOA for excessive noise.   Whether or not your HOA requires you to keep your garage door noise to a minimum, a squeaky door  is not only obnoxious, but potentially dangerous. Over time, the lubricant on your garage can dry out, become rusty, and parts can slip out of place, causing the squeak and other problems.  That loud noise is not normal.  If your garage door has begun to loudly squeak and squeal every time you open the door, it may be time for a garage door repair.

Most of the time, squeaky garage doors are caused by metal parts rubbing against each other because they are not properly lubricated.  This can easily be remedied by spraying the track and chain with lubricant.  In order to fix your garage door, you will need protective eyewear, a step ladder, and silicone-based lubricating spray.  Close the garage door so that you have better access to the chain and track.  Using the step ladder, climb up and spray the each part of the track, moving the ladder in between sections.  Do not over lubricate, use oil or grease, or spray the wheels of the door.   Once you have finished spraying both tracks, open and close the door a few times to fully lubricate the track.

If your garage door is still squeaking, don’t hesitate to give us a call.  It is important to note that improper alignment can also cause a garage door to squeak.   If this is the case, you should not attempt to do this repair yourself.  

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