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Garages are vulnerable places for theft. Because many people store expensive equipment and valuables in garages, they are often targeted by thieves. Improving the security on your garage will help deter would be thieves and ensure that your valuables are safely stored. Obviously, this comes with a caveat since anyone desperate enough to access something within the space will find a way, but taking preventative measures to make your garage more secure is still the best deterrent. The first step is to identify potential vulnerabilities in and around the garage and devise a plan to address them. Here are a few tips for improving the security of your garage.


Garage Door Locks

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Equipping the garage door with a lock is an easy and effective way to improve security. For manual lift garage doors, installing a lock is a good idea, but is only viable if there is a door entrance to the garage. Some garages have no other entrance other than the main rolling garage door. Automatic garage doors have locking mechanisms that prevent them from being opened from the outside manually. If your door is manual action and there is a side entrance, consider installing a good lock to the door.


Motion Sensor Lights

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Including motion sensor lights or really any lights can act as a deterrent and make the garage more secure. These lights are inexpensive and serve practical purposes as well–with added security being a side benefit. Keeping the garage well lit or having a motion activated light can deter potential intruders at night. Lights alone can’t enhance security that much but having them installed and in use can contribute to a safer environment outside the garage.


Lock Side Doors & Windows
If someone wants to get into your garage, they will usually try the method of least resistance first. This means checking for unlocked doors and windows for easy entry. Forgetting to lock a side door or window, or even forgetting to completely close one of these is easy to do. Improving the security of your garage often comes down to remembering to verify the small details commonly overlooked–such as leaving windows and doors unlocked. Preventative measures are some of the easiest and most reliable ways to improve security. Take the same precautions with your garage you would with your home itself.

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