Garage Storage Tips

The garage is the quintessential storage space, but often the storage isn’t very organized. Too often the garage is stacked with boxes and crammed with old unwanted furniture, tools, and equipment–creating a sense of disorganization and chaos. Unorganized garages can even contribute to hazardous conditions, such as fire hazards. Taking the time to pour through the items lingering in your garage and organize them is a great way to clean up the space, free up unrealized space, and make the garage generally safer and more appealing. Sometimes all you need to get started organizing the garage are some good materials and a little motivation. Here are some tips to get started.


Built-in Shelves

Garage in first house before we bought it
Installing shelving in the garage is one of the best ways to organize your garage and improve its appearance. Shelving can be stand alone or built in to the walls of the garage–depending on your budget and desire to construct the shelves yourself. Custom shelves can be a good option if you have the desire since they can be sized to any height and depth and constructed out of any material you choose. You have more freedom to construct compartments and varying sizes of shelves to hold specific types of items. Depending on how much shelving you need and the size of the garage, building materials could be costly, but the end result is worth it.



Hybrid Recycle-mobile ;-)
Purchasing some quality plastic containers to store items is a great way to get the garage mess under control. These bins should be labelled for easy identification. This will organize clutter and improve storage by freeing up a lot of space previously occupied by a mess of items. These storage containers are cheap and come in varying sizes to accommodate all sorts of items you likely have in your garage. Buy a few of these and start pouring through items little by little. If you are really dedicated and savvy working with wood, you can also build fixed boxes in the garage for storage.


Hooks and Hangers

A lot of items in the garage require hooks and hangers for proper storage. Things like cords, hoses, rakes, shovels, and other tools are sometimes better stored suspended. For easy access and a more organized look, installing hooks and hangers to keep appropriate items is a good option for garage organization. These pieces of hardware are cheap and easy to install, so if you have enough items that can be suspended from the walls, consider this as an effective way to organize and store items in the garage.