When you think about making updates and changes for your garage, you’re probably scared away by the thought of the price and bother. But small things can make a big difference and add greatly to your curb appeal. Your garage is often the single biggest uninterrupted facade on your house’s exterior. There are lots of things that you can do to give it some extra oomph. Here are some creative ideas that can give your garage (and your whole house!) a facelift.


When we say hardware, we’re referring to the metal handles, braces, and hinges that you put on your door. Some are functional, but some are strictly decorative, and with some thoughtful placement, you can accent your garage doors and give them a quaint effect. Think about a couple braces around the sides, and a handle or two. Want some inspiration? Check out our gallery.


People love windows on the garage. It has a way of blending in the garage exterior with the rest of the house, and making it feel more like a living space than a strictly industrial and functional corner. Windows don’t always require a completely new garage door, either. Sometimes we’re able to simple replace a few panels on your existing garage door in order to get the effect you want.


A popular trend right now is using a short pergola to frame a garage door. It can provide a little bit of shade and make a charming space around your garage. Creeping vines can make the pergola feel more established and add some greenery to the frame of your house.


Lighting sconces on either side of your garage door, or perhaps hanging lanterns hovering over them, makes your garage feel like a piece out of a Kinkade painting. Especially when they match the hardware on your garage door, they can really tie the whole facade together. As an added bonus, they’re perfectly functional for those times when you take the trash out at night.

Bordering Potted Plants

You can never go wrong in landscaping with some additional potted plants. Often, if you’re working the plants into a garage border, you’ll want something that will grow tall but narrow. Look into an easy ficus, or weeping fig, which is easy to trim according to your needs.

Basic Repairs

All the extra elements in the world won’t matter if you have actual problems that need repair on your garage door. Dents, chips, and holes easily detract from your overall aesthetic. We offer quick, reliable garage door repairs. Contact us if you need help!