Whether you keep your cars in the garage, or you have turned the room into a shop or extra bedroom, you know how important it is to keep your garage warm during the cold winter months. A garage that becomes too cold can damage your cars, but also the mechanics that keep the garage door functioning.   Winter is a great time to catch up on little mechanical projects, so keep your garage heated throughout the winter to create a warm workspace.


Make Sure That Your Garage Is Insulated

If you try to heat a garage that is not insulated, all of the heat will quickly escape.  It is more cost effective to add weather-stripping, garage flooring, garage-door insulations, and add insulation behind drywall than it is to pump heat into a uninsulated environment.  While it may seem like an expensive investment at first, the overall cost savings from insulating your garage will quickly make it worth it.  


Install a Heater

There are many different types of heaters that you can install in your garage: a small space heater, a natural gas heater, a forced-air heater, infrared heater, wood stoves, and electric radiant ceiling heaters.  Do not try to add ducts from your existing furnace, as it can allow exhaust fumes, vapors and dust from projects to get into your home.   

Space Heater

Small space heaters might be nice for a small garage, but if you have a larger garage or use it as a workspace, it may take a long time to heat up the area, and it may not be effective.  

Natural Gas Heater

Natural gas heaters are the least expensive, but can be difficult to install, as you need to have an exhaust vent as well as the unit.

Forced-air Heater

Forced-air heaters may be a good idea if you heat the garage for you as you come out of your car, but not a great idea if you use the garage as a shop, as it may blow dust and debris around the garage.  

Infrared Heaters

Infrared heaters are small space heaters with an exposed heated grill. Use caution with infrared heaters as well, as they can become a fire hazard if sawdust is blow into the grill.  

Wood Stove

Wood stoves are the most “natural” way to heat a garage, using fire and wood. But you need to be careful with wood stoves, and they can add a lot of soot and fumes into your garage, making a smoky environment.  Make sure that your stove is properly ventilated to the outdoors.

Electric Radiant Ceiling Heater

Electric radiant ceiling heaters are probably the best long-term solution, but they are more expensive and take more time to set up than other methods.