Family at home New Year's Eve by the Christmas treeThe shopping is finally done and the gifts are all wrapped, but it’s way too early to put them under the Christmas tree if you have kids who love to figure out what they are getting for Christmas. If your kids are like many we’ve heard of, they might try to unwrap the gifts, then rewrap them to find out what you are getting them.

To stop this from happening, you need a good hiding place. In your closet or under the bed are the obvious places. Instead, hide them strategically in the garage. There are plenty of places your kids will never think to look, including the suggestions below.

Low Traffic Areas

First off, you don’t want to hide any gifts anywhere that gets a lot of traffic or attention. For example, if your kids grab their snow gear out of a bin in the garage fairly frequently, avoid that bin. Likewise, you don’t want the gifts to be in the way either. If you or your spouse often tinker or work on projects in the garage, you’ll want to keep the gifts out of tool boxes so that they won’t impede the work. Look for boxes and things that won’t likely be touched for several months.

Unpleasant Places

A really great place to hide gifts is in places your kids won’t want to look. If you have a corner full of old, dirty rags and cobwebs, that might be the perfect place to hide your gifts. Just wrap them in a thick, plastic garbage bag and throw them under the rags. Also, there might be certain items in your garage that your kids will have no desire to rifle through. For example, your little boys are not likely going to want to look at a box full of sewing and crafting supplies, making it a great place to stow the gifts for a few weeks.

Up High

Oftentimes, kids forget to look much higher than their own heads, or they simply can’t see things when they are up high.  If you have shelving in your garage, hide your gifts behind other things on the top shelves. Not only will it be hard for your kids to see up there, but it will also be very hard for them to get to the gifts.

In Layers

The more things you put on top of your gifts, the more likely your kids are to give up when they are going through it all. If you hide your gifts in the bottom of a plastic bin, just keep adding layers of different things on top to dissuade the search.

As you can see, the garage is a great place to hide holiday gifts. Just use these tips to get you started, and then enjoy the look of surprise on your children’s faces when they open their holiday gifts for the first time.