The garage is one of the most neglected rooms in the house. It is the room where you store the dirtiest things you own, like your gardening tools and lawn mower, your car, and all of your sports equipment. With this in mind, it’s probably a good idea to add cleaning your garage to your list of weekend projects to get done this summer.

Get rid of unnecessary clutter

Chances are, you have quite a bit of junk and unnecessary things piled in all of the corners of your garage. In order to really get your garage clean, you’ll want to take everything out, clean it then reorganize it as you put it back in. While you’re pulling everything out of your garage, try to declutter and either donate or throw away everything that you don’t use or don’t need.

Top to bottom

With a project as big as cleaning out your garage, it’s in your best interest to commit yourself to doing a thorough job the first time so it will stay clean longer. This means cleaning the entire thing; floors, walls, and ceiling. Start at the top and then work your way down.

Use a broom to remove cobwebs from the ceiling, and then carefully scrub the ceiling down with sponges and soapy water. Then repeat this same cleaning process on the walls. Use a few old towels to wipe both the walls and ceiling down, so they’ll dry faster. At this point, you’ll probably have a mess on the floor.

A push broom is perfect for getting every bit of dirt and debris of the floor in the garage. After removing all of that, use more soapy water to scrub down the floor. You’ll want to let the floor dry, and then get to work removing oil stains. If they’re particularly bad, you’ll want to get some oil stain remover before scrubbing up the stain with a wire brush. If you have a new oil spill from a lawn mower, etc., dump some kitty litter on it for minimal clean up.

Another way to try and remove oil stains is by using kitty litter to soak up the oil. This works especially well on new oil spills, so the next time you accidentally spill oil while refilling the lawn mower, dump some kitty litter on it for minimal clean up.