In our last blog post we talked about how to declutter and deep clean your garage. The garage is often neglected and can easily get disgusting and dirty. The longer you wait before cleaning your garage, the harder and longer a job it will be to get it clean and presentable again. Once you’ve gotten it really nice and clean, you’ll want to do a few things to retain the cleanliness for as long as possible.

Organizing the clutter

When you bring everything that you’ve deemed necessary back into the garage, you’ll want to organize everything, to prevent messes and clutter in the future.

A great idea would be to install shelves on the walls of the garage, if you don’t already have them. Having shelves keeps all of your things off the floor, so they won’t be as dirty, and it’s less likely to attract the attention of mice, roaches, and other pests. Another great storage idea is to install storage hooks on the ceiling. This is great for storing bikes, sports equipment, and camping gear.

The first thing you’ll want to put away are the things you won’t need for a while. Things like old clothing, documents, keepsakes and memorabilia. Anything that’s important enough to save, but not something you’ll need to have easy access to very often. The next thing to organize will be seasonal items; water gear, winter clothes, holiday decorations, and halloween costumes all fall into this category. Make sure you label everything so it’s easy to find. Try storing these items in plastic crates or roughtotes rather than boxes, to minimize pests.

Keeping the floor clean

You may find it strange, but one of the best things you can do to your garage is to paint the floor. Painting the floor will make cleaning it by sweeping and mopping much easier in the future, meaning that it will be a much smaller job each time you go to clean it. This will extend the life of your garage floor, seal in cracks, and prevent extra moisture from absorbing into the concrete. Just start painting in one corner and make your way out of the garage. Floor paint isn’t very expensive, and it will more than pay for itself over the years. In addition, painting your floor will make your garage feel nicer, which will naturally make you feel like taking better care of it(kind of like when you walk into a really nice hotel).