Fixing Your

The garage is an important part of your home bringing with it the certainty that your belongings are being protected as best as they can. Because of this, it is important to keep the garage running smoothly at all times to prevent problems from occurring. Start out by identifying the problem, and working from that point on to solve it. By starting at the source, you will have more success in discovering where the true issue rests, and make the solution that much easier.

The problems

The garage door is made from a number of different parts, each functioning together in a common goal. If one part is out of place, it could not only halt production, but cause an extensive amount of damage. Some of the most common problems that will cause a squeaky garage door include loose parts, rollers that have become worn out, the need for new pads, or lubrication of the opener and rollers. Find out the true source of the problem before setting to work.

The solutions

Take a look at each one of these possible solutions before setting to work. Some of the problems can easily be taken care of while others required the help of a professional. Know the difference to get your garage door back in shape as quickly as possible. Look for these solutions first:

·         Tighten – the nuts and bolts of your garage door should remain secure, keeping them from moving around. To avoid the noise along with stripping, check the parts and ensure they are tight enough to prevent noise.

·         Lubricate – go over these same parts and add a lubricant to help it run smoother. The hinges are continually bending, and if they are rusty, they will become noisy.

·         The rollers – replace the rollers that have become worn out and are no longer working. To do this, unbolt the hinge and tilt it back on the track. You can change out the rollers easily this way and replace the hinge as it was.

·         The track – this should be greased as well if the noise is coming from this area. Spread a low-temp grease along the track then open and close the garage a few times to spread it even further along the track, locating the problem.

If the problem with your garage door doesn’t rest here, it may be time to call for professional help. Never try and mend a problem with the springs yourself. Instead, call us at A+ Garage Doors. We can help locate the source of the noise in your garage door, and find the most effective way to fix it. Don’t let the noise persist, this will lead to more problems down the road.


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