When you’re searching for a service, you want to make sure that whoever you’re hiring is actually a professional and able to perform their job well. You’ll be more inclined to hire a realtor if they’ve sold a lot of homes than someone new in the field. The same goes for anyone in the beauty industry; you wouldn’t trust someone with your hair if they’ve never been to school. As is the same with any of these other industries, you wouldn’t want someone to come work on any part of your home that isn’t licensed. You may not even know that there are certifications in certain fields of work to help you differentiate between the qualified professionals.




IDEA stands for The Institution of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation. This institution was made in 1996 by the International Door Association, the Door and Access Systems Manufacturers Association, and the American Rolling Door Institute. The purpose of IDEA is to promote and recognize those within the industry that have high business standards. So when it comes time to hire a professional to repair or install your garage door, you may want to ask them about their IDEA certification.


Why does this matter?


This accreditation is available to achieve by any company that sells, services, and installs overhead doors and access systems. It is voluntary. This means that many garage door companies won’t have this accreditation, as it isn’t required to go into business. But if the company you’ve selected has this accreditation, it means you’re getting the absolute business available.


In order to become qualified, you have to pass six written exams. In addition, they have to provide documentation of insurance coverage, proper tax registration and licensing, and business tenure and reputation. Anyone who holds this title of being IDEA certified means that they hold a voluntary standard of quality that is recognized in the industry as a symbol of excellence and being held a cut above the rest.


Voluntary excellence


The fact that this accreditation is voluntary is additionally impressive. This means that they didn’t have to put themselves through all of the tests and exams or prove that their business is legitimate or insured. If you hire a garage door professional without an IDEA certification, you have no guarantee that their work is insured or credible. Hiring an IDEA certified professional means that you can rest easy and know that the service you’ll be given will be of the absolute highest quality.