Homeowners everywhere look for simple ways that they can update their homes to improve its value or their own standard of living. When it comes to curb value and appeal, as well as making your home’s exterior more elegant and in line with your own personal style, improving the garage door is a simple way to accomplish this. Due to the fact that a garage door is so much surface area on the exterior of your home, a nasty one can be a bit of an eye sore. However, sprucing up your garage door can make a huge difference on the rest of your home’s exterior, without changing anything else. Here are some ideas of how to improve your own garage door…

Change of color

Sometimes, all you need to do to completely revamp your home’s exterior style is simply change the color palette. However, repainting all the exterior walls of your home is something that can get costly fast, both in terms of time and money. Instead of that, though, you can opt to change the color of your garage door, either by repainting or powder coating it. A large splash of color can change the way you, and others, view your home. In some cases, you can even paint it with it’s own palette, and use two or three different colors.

Add windows

Adding windows onto your garage door doesn’t only change the door, but helps to improve the feeling and look of inside of your garage as well. Windows add natural light to the interior of your garage, which makes it feel less like an oily, damp cave on the side of your home, and more like an actual amenity that is a part of your living space. For this, it may be best to hire professionals, as it would be a lot more expensive to fix or replace a garage door that gets broken from the construction required to do this.

Add trim

Trim makes doors and windows feel more pronounced and classy, whether on the interior or exterior of your home. You can use this same technique on a garage door to make it feel less industrial or grungy. Adding trim around the sides of your garage door is a fairly inexpensive way to add elegance to your home’s exterior and make your garage seem like it belongs on such a nice home.