As winter approaches, it’s time for your toys to go into hibernation, too. That includes your car, truck, boat, four-wheelers, and any other heavy machinery you kept in the driveway all summer. Why? Otherwise, corrosive salt on the driveway will get into all the little nooks and crannies of your automobile. Additionally, scraping snow off your car every morning before heading to work or school can cause irreparable damage to the paint. Furthermore, would you rather drive a car to work that has frozen in the driveaway all night or get into a car that’s been kept nice and toasty in the garage all night?

Before you stow away your toys for the winter, you’ll need to make sure your garage is fully equipped to keep your car safe and happy all season long. Make sure you have the following features in place:

  1. A Garage Door Opener. If you’re opening your door by hand, you present a serious risk to your possessions. With an opener, you not only save yourself the energy of opening by hand, you also get the ability to lock the door, keeping your goods in and the bad guys out.
  2. Composition. While wooden, vinyl, and fiberglass doors will keep the weather out, steel doors provide the best insulation no matter the conditions.
  3. Garage floor covers. Not only do garage floor covers make for a more comfortable space, they also keep dripping antifreeze from staining or contaminating your concrete floor in the winter.

Make sure that all of your vehicles are ready to go when warm weather returns in the spring. For more info on winterizing your garage or to have a new door installed, contact the Utah garage door experts.