maintenance tipsMaintaining your garage can be something that is easy to overlook and forget about. As primarily a storage space for most people, the garage often goes unmaintained for long stretches of time. The process of maintaining the garage doesn’t have to be painstaking, but does require sustained effort and some healthy dedication to cleaning and organizing. From making mechanical repairs to cleaning and organizing the interior, garages can be made to look great with relatively minimal upkeep. Here are a few tips to improve the appearance and organization of your garage.


Maintain the Door

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Perhaps the most important element of garage maintenance is the upkeep of the garage door itself. Doors sustain wear and damage and their mechanical parts wear out and fail. Performing some regular mechanical and aesthetic maintenance on the door will keep it looking and functioning great. Make sure the opener works well, check the trolley carriage and door sensors, and look for obstructions along the tracks. Keeping the garage door in good mechanical condition is one of the most important parts of any maintenance plan. Call a professional technician if you can’t diagnose and fix the problem yourself.


You may also want to consider fixing or replacing the door itself if it has sustained exterior damage. Aluminum and steel doors are two of the most popular types of doors, but can become damaged easily and do not insulate very well. Wood doors can be a nice upgrade if you have the desire and budget, as they are durable, insulate well, and are aesthetically appealing. If your door is in rough shape, consider upgrading to a new door.


Clean & Organize the Interior

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Any effective garage maintenance plan requires thoroughly cleaning and organizing the interior. Clearing out debris and junk, cleaning spills and dirt, and removing trash from the garage floor will make your garage look and feel like a new structure. Storing and forgetting about items in the garage for years is easy to do, so periodically go through the garage and clear out items you no longer use or need. Getting rid of clutter is one of the best ways to improve the appearance and functionality of your garage.
Once you’ve cleared out unused items and cleaned up, begin organizing items in the garage with storage bins, shelving, hooks, and hangers. Storing garage items in dedicated areas and labeling them for easy retrieval will vastly improve the look and feel of the interior space. You will likely find that you have more space than you previously thought and may even decide on a better use for the space than storing things that you rarely, if ever, use.

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