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Vinyl and Fiberglass Doors

White garage doorsVinyl and fiberglass are relatively new options for garage doors. These modern materials stand up amazingly well to weather and wear, even including Utah’s harsh winters. This means they’ll continue looking great as the years go by with little to no maintenance from you. All you’ll need to do in order to keep your garage looking pristine is to hose off the door every now and then.

A+ Garage Doors has everything you need to customize and design your new vinyl or fiberglass garage doors. With a variety of style and color options, you can find the perfect garage door for your home. All of our doors come with a lifetime warranty, so you can be confident that you have quality that will stand the test of time. Contact us to get started today!

Common Questions about Viny:

Q: What exactly is vinyl?

A: Vinyl is a synthetic resin that creates a very durable plastic. It was created in the 1920s by scientists who wanted a material that could be mass-produced cheaply, but that would be more durable than most materials available at the time. Today, it’s a popular choice for outdoor items like lawn furniture, fences, railings, and of course, garage doors.

Q: What will I need to do to maintain my garage door?

A: Vinyl and fiberglass stand up well against dents and scratches, so upkeep is relatively easy. If you have kids that frequently play basketball, animals that might scratch the surface of your garage door, or any type of weather concerns, vinyl is a great choice for your home.

Q: What are the advantages of vinyl over wood or steel?

A: As mentioned above, vinyl is easier to maintain than wood or steel, and is more resistant to holes, scratches, rust, and chipping.

Additionally, vinyl doors are insulated. They’re made up of polyurithane insulation, which is sandwiched between vinyl panels. This will keep out the heat, the cold winter weather, and the environmental noise from the street. If you plan to use your garage as a workspace, vinyl doors might be the best choice for you.

Vinyl doors are a great chance for you, because and they look just as nice from the inside of your garage as they do from outside.

Q: If vinyl doors are so convenient, then why are they less common than wood and steel?

A: Although vinyl was created long ago, it didn’t come into common use for household construction until recently. It has taken some time for old homes to catch up to the advantages of modern materials. Additionally, because of its power to withstand weather and wear, vinyl garage doors can be more expensive; however, they wind up being a long-term investment.

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