Now that you’ve thoroughly de-cluttered your garage, it’s time to stow the items you have decided to keep. There’s something amazingly satisfying about a well-organized, clean garage. Once you have designated spaces and storage for all the essential items, you’re more able to recognize when useless clutter encroaches. Best of all, you’re able to use your garage how you actually want it: to keep your car protected and clean.

Here are some tips to make your garage an organizational dream:

Invest in Shelving and Cabinet Options

Most hardware and home improvement stores will have tons of cabinetry and shelving options for you. What’s great about getting garage-specific ones is that they’re hardy and long-lasting. Additionally, they are usually thin and compact and make the most of the wall and ceiling space that you want to use.

If you decide to go the DIY route, that’s great! There are tons of creative options out there that will help you make the most of your space. Thanks to the internet, we all get to benefit from the genius ideas of a few people out there. Check out this list.

Keep the most flexible, frequently-used, and clutter-y items in cabinets and drawers. For example, if you have tons of screws and nails, or unsightly odds and ends, there can be nothing better than to stow those behind a cabinet drawer to keep your garage looking uncluttered and clean.

Look at organizational options that go beyond drawers and shelves. For example, you can have boxes to compartmentalize little items within a drawer, a strong magnetic strip to hold your various tools, or a frame board that holds your handheld appliance tools in a proper place which you can slide in and out of a cabinet.

Group Things by Category

This will make it infinitely easier to find what you need when you go into the garage. For example, you can have a cabinet that holds all your repair tools, a set of shelves where all your gardening and yard work items are kept, and a few shelves that are simply dedicated to seasonal decorations. Make sure that there’s a clear distinction between each category, and that everything within that category has a proper place. This way, when useless clutter encroaches, you’ll be able to spot it sooner. This also ensures that you never lose your favorite baseball glove because you always know where it belongs.

Clearly Label Every Box

Whether it’s “Christmas lights” or “Carla’s keepsakes” you should know exactly what’s inside of each box without having to look inside. For convenience’s sake, it’s even better to label on each side, and on the top as well. Best of all, it can be handy to have holiday decorations color-coded, with Christmas decor in a red box, Halloween items in an orange one, and summer items like 4th of July paraphernalia in a blue box.