With the new year almost here, you may be making plans to update your home and wondering what the latest home design trends are. A garage door is an investment that you typically don’t want to get “trendy” with—it’ll spend several years boosting your home’s curb appeal, after all—but that doesn’t mean that garage doors aren’t following trends of their own. Here is a look at today’s most coveted garage door looks.

Bold wood

More and more homeowners are realizing that they can give their home an ultra luxe and bold look by making the switch from a traditional white steel garage door to a wooden one. Wooden garage doors give homes a timeless and sophisticated look that simply cannot be matched. They come in a variety of woods and stain finishes as well, meaning you can find just the right style to complement your home while still standing out. Bold wood garage doors work especially well on traditional style and rustic look homes.

Faux wood fiberglass

Some homeowners prefer the convenience that fiberglass doors offer, as they are ultra durable, damage resistant, and offer great insulation. Fiberglass doors are a little more expensive than vinyl ones, and that’s because they come in an exciting variety of color and finish options. You can even get fiberglass doors that resemble real wood—a garage door option that is especially popular right now.

Carriage house style

Carriage house style garage doors are designed to resemble the historic carriage house style doors that swing, fold, or slide, only today’s are designed to take advantage of convenient overhead technology. Residential carriage house style doors come in a variety of materials, colors, and panel styles, and today they are often paired with decorative black hardware (such as handles and hinges) to give them an ultra elegant look.

Bold color

If your home’s style (and homeowner’s association) permit it, a bold colored garage door can be the perfect choice for your home. Bold colored garage doors work especially well on homes with neutral gray or tan siding. Homeowners who are looking to install a bold colored garage door (such as deep green or black) tend to opt for steel, vinyl, or fiberglass because these materials offer the widest variety of color options. Large garage door windows are a great option if you are considering going for a bold color because the windows will help subdue the impact of the bold color.