Freezing winters can be difficult for your home, putting stress on your pipes, rain gutters, and the garage door. These difficult situations can become even more challenging if not taken care of the right way from the beginning. You won’t realize how important your garage door is until it stops working. Either you won’t be able to get anything out, or everything will be trapped inside, wasting both time and money. It is better to prepare it before this is able to happen, to ensure it will be running all through the winter, and benefit you and your family for some time.


Regular maintenance


You should already be paying special attention to your garage door, ensuring that everything is functioning as it should through all the seasons. Do monthly checks, running the garage door. Watch the chains and make sure nothing is getting snagged. Test the reverse functions of your garage, making sure that if anything runs under while it is closing, or if an excessive amount of pressure is put on the door, it will go up. If there are any signs that your garage door isn’t working properly, get it fixed immediately.


The mechanics

 garage door

Although the garage door may appear of simple design, the automatic function makes it a complex system of tracks, rollers, and lifting springs. If one of these is out of line, it can damage the entire process. Make sure all the moving parts are running as they should before the worst of winter hits. If any are in bad shape, the cold will only harm them farther.


Make sure to lubricate the tracks and the rollers four times a year. If you notice any problems arising with the springs, don’t try and mend them by yourself. The tension in these is very high, and can be dangerous to fix. Only a professional should work on this kind of problem.


The frame

 garage door 2

Besides regular maintenance issues associated with dropping temperatures, it is important to think about the temperature of your garage, and keeping it at a decent temperature. Having your garage properly insulated is only half the battle, a startling amount of heat will escape through worn weather strips on the sides of the garage door. Keep these clean and in good shape. When they show signs of tearing, get them replaced. You will feel a significant difference in temperature for your garage door.


It is crucial to maintain your garage door properly in every season, but especially in the winter. Take the time to check for any problems before winter hits. Contact us at A+ Garage Doors to run regular maintenance on your garage. It is better to be safe than sorry, especially during this time of the year.


By +Cassie Costner