Do you want your garage to serve you—and your garage door to run smoothly—all year long? Here are some simple “New Year’s resolutions” you can make for a well functioning garage this year.

“I will perform routine inspections of my garage door.”

Routine garage door inspections can help you identify problems as they arise. Make it a goal to inspect your garage door twice this year. Here are a few things you’ll want to examine in a routine garage door maintenance inspection:

  • All garage door openers (wall switch and remotes)
  • Safety reversal
  • Sound of opening and closing door
  • Balance of opening and closing door
  • All hardware

 When in doubt about the state of your garage door, you can always call a garage door specialist. Your garage door specialist will examine your garage door system and make the necessary adjustments to get your system running as efficiently as possible.

“I will lubricate the moving parts on my garage door regularly.”

It’s also important to lubricate the moving parts of your garage door regularly. All you need is a special garage door lubricant and a couple clean rags. Start by closing your garage door, paying attention to the moving parts as it closes so you know what to lubricate. This should include springs, rollers, and hinges. Then, use a clean rag to wipe away any cobwebs, dust, grime, or buildup from the parts of your garage door system. Then, use your spray lubricant to squirt small amounts of oil on the moving parts. Wipe away excess fluid with a new clean rag. Open the garage door halfway and repeat this process to ensure you are reaching all surfaces. Finally, open and close your garage door once or twice to make sure everything is properly lubricated.

“I will have minor garage door repairs done as they are needed.”

Whenever minor garage door problems arise, go ahead and call a garage door specialist. A garage door specialist can fix minor garage door problems so that they won’t escalate into larger problems later. So whether it’s a broken wall switch or noisy track, go ahead and have the repair made as soon as possible.

“I will replace my garage door this year if necessary.”

 Finally, is it time to replace your garage door entirely? (Our blog post titled When to Repair vs. Replace Your Garage Door can help you decide.) If so, make it a resolution to make that investment this year—your home will thank you!