soundproofingYou’ve got a band, your instruments are tuned up, and your sound system is premium. Now you need a practice space. Garages are ideal places for jamming out and many a great band trace their roots back to musty garages. One important issue surrounding garage practice spaces is sound. Most instruments are capable of producing high frequency volume and amplification only adds to this. Your garage band may be contributing to noise pollution and your neighbors may just be at the breaking point. Fortunately, there is a way to resolve this to keep your neighbors from filing a noise complaint and keep your band rocking out: soundproofing. Here are some tips for soundproofing your garage without spending many thousands of dollars on the job.

Hang Sheets, Blankets, or Tapestries


The aim of sound proofing is to absorb outgoing sound waves. Hanging thick tapestries, sheets, and blankets in the garage around the practice space can absorb much of the mild and high frequency noise. This can even be an extension of the decoration of your practice space. While by no means the most sophisticated method of soundproofing, hanging these items can create a buffer and contain noise better than doing nothing. What’s more, this method is cheap, easy, and can also improve the aesthetic appeal of the interior of the garage. Depending on the size of the garage, however, you may want to consider other options as buying dozens of quality tapestries can get expensive.
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Construct an Interior Room


Hanging drywall around the perimeter of the garage where you practice and adding fiberglass insulation can be an effective way to soundproof the garage more permanently than hanging fabrics. Framing another wall over this one and adding more insulation and drywall will ensure that the garage is well insulated to prevent the transmission of large quantities of high frequency sound. Depending on the size of the garage, this project could run under a thousand dollars or well over. This job is still cheaper than investing in a soundproof recording studio like many professional musicians do and when done right, you can effectively keep most of the noise contained.
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Install Foam Panels

One of the most obvious and old school methods of soundproofing the garage is to install foam panels along the walls of the space. This helps prevent the transmission of sound waves out of the room and helps mute the noise to some extent. While by no means the most effective or high class method of soundproofing, it you’re looking for a fairly quick and cheap way of keeping your wailing electric guitar solos and primal drum beats contained, this may be a good option–at least until you have the desire to make more lasting improvements to the acoustics and soundproofing of the garage/studio.

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