Every year, hundreds of people are hurt from accidents involving garage doors. Your garage door and opener is a powerful mechanism that shouldn’t be taken lightly, especially if you have kids around. Here are some tips to help you ensure that your garage door is safe and convenient:

  • Don’t let kids get a hold of the garage door remote. It can seem like a pretty cool toy, and some kids like to “race” the garage door by running underneath it before it closes, Indiana-Jones-style. Make sure that you discourage this kind of behavior, and let children know the potential dangers of a garage door.
  • Never try to fix a garage door’s springs or cables yourself. Garage door springs are heavy and use a huge amount of torque. Getting involved without knowing exactly what you’re doing can be very dangerous, and we’ve seen numerous injuries that have happened as a result.
  • Keep the garage door either fully closed, or fully open. Many people will open a garage door halfway, sometimes in order to control the temperature in the garage. However, this is a risky move. For one thing, holding the garage door halfway open puts undue pressure on the opening and closing mechanisms, which can cause your garage door to wear down earlier. But even more importantly, this habit isn’t safe at all. The strain can cause the door to drop quite suddenly, which will further damage the door and cause disaster if anything is left underneath the door.
  • If there’s a high risk of children or animals running under the garage door while it’s closing, consider installing a safety sensor. This sensor will be vigilant when you can’t be, automatically halting the garage door when something is detected in the area. However, if sensors are glitchy, it can be a terrible bother. Make sure that yours are properly installed.
  • Always repair your door right the first time. Many people hold off on repairs, not wanting to deal with the expenditures. You might also be tempted to opt for cut-rate services that use low-quality replacement parts and shoddy workmanship. Your garage door will operate better, last longer, and be much safer if you always rely on certified and experienced technicians.
  • If you don’t have a safety sensor installed on your garage door, try developing a habit of always watching the garage door open and close. At first, it can be hard to adjust. How many of us leave the garage with the door closing behind us, intent on the kitchen and dinner? However, it’s safest to always stand by while the garage door opens and closes, to make sure that it completes the operation without anything or anyone getting in the way.