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Spring Repair for Bountiful Garage Doors

Bountiful Utah MapThe spring is a key component of a garage door system that enables your opener to close and open the door smoothly and safely. Modern garage doors are dependent on a spring for automation. At A Plus Garage Doors, we work hard to ensure that the business owners and homeowners of Bountiful are able to enjoy the qualities of a modern garage door with quality spring repair services.

Spring Types

The first thing to know about garage door springs is that there are two main types. These each work in a similar way, but can have different issues that give cause for repair. Here are both types:

  • Extension: Standard extension springs are generally used on home garages, and are more common for their affordability. These types of springs extend as the garage opens, which provides a counterbalance to the opener.
  • Torsion: Torsion springs don’t extend, but will actually twist tighter to provide pressure. These types of springs tend to last longer and will support more weight, but they can also be a bit more costly.

The best type of spring for you is going to depend on your budget and your particular style of garage door.

Why to Call an Expert?

It is important to always call an expert to work on your garage door spring. Trying to fix a spring on your own can be incredibly dangerous, because of the tension that builds up in these springs. A broken or loose spring can break loose and cause lacerations to a person’s body. Ask any of our technicians, many of whom have actually been cut by a renegade garage door spring! A professional will ensure that your spring is fixed or replaced in a quick and safe manner.

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